Diversity in a single product

As an innovative “all-in-one” application, the web-based livemanager allows independent and intuitive administration of national and international telephone numbers, call flows and customers. It offers you comprehensive functionality on an intuitive interface that covers all necessary applications of modern service telephony.

  • Multi-client capabilityCreate any number of sub-customers in a self-defined hierarchy.

  • Accounting systemGenerate settlements to your customers at the push of a button.

  • Authorization systemAssign explicit informal and technical rights to your customers and your employees.

  • RoutingsImplement classic and innovative routings such as re-routing independently.

  • Voice automationIncrease efficiency by using Audiotex applications.

  • StatisticsAnalyse your traffic cumulatively and in real time in the form of tables and diagrams.

  • File managementManage announcements, records and faxes in simple steps.

  • Virtual contact centerExtend the customer dialogue to e-mail, fax and chat and distribute all incoming contacts dynamically and intelligently to your employees.

  • Number administrationActivate or deactivate phone numbers independently from a separate pool.

One tool for all tasks

The livemanager will make your daily work much easier. With this product you will be able to manage phone numbers from all over the world independently and effectively and meet complex requirements of your customers.